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Ok, dudes and ladies, let’s relax a bit and get to do some exercise. Olympics are around the corner now and, as part of eMMa’s social responsibility program (heh, it doesn’t really exists) we have to promote physical wellness.

Let’s get to it, Bolt! Here are some apps for running and exercising

Every short, mid and long line runner should be aware that apps have taken exercising into a whole new level, as now you can easily track your performance and even compete with your friends to see who has done the most kilometers in periods of one week, one month, and so on.

But, you should know: among those apps for running, there are some which are considered «best of the best«. If you’re planning to introduce yourself into this select world, get to know them before you waste loads and loads of data trying to catch your best running record.


This is one of the apps for running who has been out there for a long time. It’s considered a long line runner, since you can easily load any previously created routes (even if they aren’t yours), which is something perfect for exercising in new cities.

Garmin Mobile

If you’re more of the trail running type, Garmin is a cool running app because of its GPS tracking hardware. It has some special connection with the Garmin GPS, so it will help you to track routes out there in mid-mountain. A quite bad thing is that after tracking, the process of uploading the route is quite slow. Even tough, it’s worth it if you’re out there in nature.


In the universe of apps for running, this is one cool and popular choice. Nike has long worked in this app to create an easy social-sharing app plus the basic tracking -distance and time- (yes, so everyone can cheer you up your 4KM long session, LOL). The special thing about Nike+ is its recent connection with Spotify, which leads to easily access music while running (yes, running with music is a whole different experience than without it).


Lastly, another popular choice. Even though it’s not very different from the other choices shown, it’s «colateral» entertainment focus is centered on audiobooks and podcasts (in contrast to Nike+ connection with music, with Spotify). Runtastic offers loads of stories and podcasts starting from 1 dollar. So you can combine exercise and studies – nice one, isn’t it?

So tell us, Usain, which one of these apps for running is your favorite? Is it another one we didn’t include in here? Please let us know.

Image: ShutterStock