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Not long ago, the ‘Titans’ (of course they are!) Apple and SAP announced a partnership to transform mobile devices experience at work for all type of companies wiht business apps

This two money-maker-machines will mix powerful native Apps for iPhone and iPad with advanced features of «SAP-HANA». At the same time, this effort includes a new SDK (Software Development Kit) for iOS and training to developers, partners and customers to develop native Apps for iOS to enforce their business plans.

The alliance of two titans, Apple and SAP


SAP is a German multinational company dedicated to design and development of enterprise management software (literally, a huge monster in its field); its power in the market is so overwhelming that it is estimated a market share between 70% and 80% of large companies using their product. 

So, the join with Apple to develop apps such an innovative and powerful tool for cutting all large companies is phenomenal. According to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), «This partnership will transform the way the iPhone and iPad at the enterprise level are used to attach the safety and innovation of IOS with deep experience and knowledge of SAP business software».

Through this new SDK, more than 2.5 million SAP developers can develop native apps that fully benefit from SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

«We are proud to bring this unique partnership between the two companies into a new dimension. By providing a flexible and intuitive experience business, we are enabling and encouraging people to learn more, to care more and do more», said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP.

The need to develop apps to enhance user experience

And what is more cool, is that SAP have a software to manage HR (SAP HCM – Human Capita Management) which helps achieve efficient management of information and processes of an organization; process all this information and integrates with other modules of SAP.

This is the main point that comes in alliance with Apple to develop apps, to facilitate creating them where professionals attracting talent (or HR) will be able to access processes and critical data company.

What a example to work with user experience, since all the data needed to make decisions within the company and act properly, and everything directly from the iPhone or iPad (damn, I wish this would have been possible for all those multinationals spent havoc over the past decade!).

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