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Oh man, really this is one of the coolest app development systems. We don’t want to spoil the rest of this post, but let’s just state that GoodBarber’s team really knows what they’re up to.

We had the opportunity to test it in a business fashion, and it’s quite worth it. GoodBarber just plainly emulates WordPress’s easy and intuitive scenario but in an app context.

It’s mainly oriented to build apps that get fed by content, either from the inner CMS or by RSS, social media or blogging feeds. The combination of those content possibilities with GoodBarber’s own functions, such as password access to specific sections or call to actions, makes it an affordable but plenty powerful option:

GoodBarber offers a pretty nice management dashboard with personalization and theme options.

GoodBarber offers a pretty nice management dashboard with personalization and theme options.


So, next up, we share to you our thoughts, we’d really appreciate if you share yours at the end of the post.

The cool things about GoodBarber and its main functions

We may start by detailing that GoodBarber has a very defined process for you to launch your own Android / iOS app.

From the first moment you open a new ‘project’, the platform details you the basic steps for your app to ‘be up’ in the app stores:

GoodBarber main development process

GoodBarber main development process


From there on, you enter a drag-and-drop gameplay in which the best option is to have your app as complete as possible before launching, avoiding to re-define critical concepts that may latter mean an extra bucks for you (well, this happens in almost all app development tools).

As we stated previously, you will find some important functions in and there. From the most conventional-social-media-based feeds to beacon marketing options. If you put some effort into it, you may as well get something really nice.

Branding really matters, thank you!

Something that we really appreciate (and I’m sure many marketing agencies will, too) is the fact that when the app is published it can be named after the company, and not by the platform itself. This gives you some branding value points because it will always help users to recognize your work and ‘development’ capacities.

Really? Thank you, GoodBarber.

Really? Thank you, GoodBarber.


Outside of those attributes, you may not find much more. But remember, we’re talking about app development platforms in an easy-use fashion, don’t expect a laser saber coming out from your smartphone.

We really think it’s quite worth it if you’re app to a basic development. The publishing fees are quite accesible, even if you buy only one (you can get a multi-app bundle and the unit price will be lower).

Give us your thoughts, please!