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(We did not intend to violate any copyrights with our title, Adele)

Anyway, have you already tried on Allo? Just recently, Google launched its own instant messaging application, which really intends to fight with WhatsApp.

Hello, Allo

Even tough «Allo» was long announced in 2016, we haven’t had the opportunity to check out till September 2016.

Although that objective really seems like a quite hard task to fulfill, Google has surely equipped Allo with some interesting features that will surely catch some user quota:

  • Allo integrates filters like an Instagram fashion that can be mixed with your photos while sending them to your contacts.
  • In a Snapchat-like feature, stickers and drawings are also at disposal to integrate in chat sessions and within your photos.
  • Allo integrates «smart replies«, rather than a predictive keyboard. That means that the app will have the option to identify your «ideal reply» on a chat session, depending on the conversation or photos being attached.
  • The app integrates an «Unknown» mode. Similar to Snapchat, you will be able to send «secret messages» and after being read, they will dissipate immediately.
  • Allo also allows you to use other apps in your smartphone without shutting down conversations.

In its kickoff, Allo will be only available in Android (well, naturally… ain’t it?), although sometime in the future we may see it in iPhone.

In just few days, Allo reached a quota of +100,000 downloads. Expectations are quite high on this app, but… it’s powerful enough to even reach (let’s not talk about defeating) the king of instant messaging, WhatsApp?

Let’s not forget the other ‘big player’…

Oh yes… let’s correct this. Allo has two BIG rivals to defeat: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Why are we mentioning it? As of 2016, Facebook has reported that Facebook Messenger has reached 1 billion monthly active users (A LOT).

While  Facebook’s main objective to turn Facebook Messenger into a service oriented platform, tons of users use Messenger as its main instant messaging platform, rather than WhatsApp.

Not only that… Messenger has the ‘Messenger Chatbots’, a sort of digital robots that are service oriented.

And guess what? They will soon start accepting payments natively without sending users to other sites or services; payment solutions such as PayPal, AMEX or the classic VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards gateways are soon integrating with Messenger, too.

Are you willing on trying Allo? If you already downloaded it, please share us your thoughts.