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Hope you remember this. We once told you about nurturing leads (yes, remember it now?) – in the process of qualifying them, you can deploy less and less energy that otherwise would have been wasted on leads that are practically nonsense. Well, this also applies to content strategy marketers, and they can benefit from automation, too. Please keep on reading.

Opportunity years for content strategy marketers

For brand marketers, the past years have been some lucky ones. Companies have started to accept that they need loads of contents, a blog, a website and other type of media for driving engagement into their audiences and, ultimately, to get some nice leads directly on their commercial departments.

Anyone would think: «Ah! Then we need a big marketing team!«. But no, that’s not the case, because as marketing demands grow, the need for simplicity is stronger.

That’s where automation marketings meets its match. We all know that any process, today, can be done manually, but automation can outclass that practices with a right structure. Even in content marketing management, automation tools can help to reduce the brutal demand that marketers have to employ.

It’s not only time saving: through automation, content marketing can entirely drive to the lead and sale process, even generating quality information about those leads.

For example, automation tools can help content marketing strategists to observe user’s behaviors on a website, on social media, on email marketing, and then give them the best responses and next-contents based on data suggestion (you know, it’s like knowing what your boyfriend or girlfriend likes for anniversary and anticipating to it before he or she gets to tell you what to buy!).

That’s without even considering new forms of contents, such as VR and AR, or the chatbots in instant messaging tools. Just imagine what you can do with all that.

Be careful, young one

But, we want to give you an advise. Be real on deciding what to automate and what to not on your content strategy.

For example, automating socia media is not always the best option, since «authenticity factor» is critical for the user experience. However, you can always automate email marketing content and leverage user’s experience in a right way (there’s always space for smaller email tasks, for example notifying consumers when a new blog post has risen).

The right decision is always on your pocket. Now that we gave you some advise, is your turn to go for it. Don’t hesitate on contacting us to know a bit more!

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