All over the world, restaurants and food companies are fundamental within the economic structure of each company.

The constant challenges for food & beverage companies

We have just to start by mentioning that food & beverage companies are not just pubs or restaurants; mainly, each organization and professional that intervenes either fabricating or transforming food and groceries fits within this industry.

However, we’re talking today about restaurants and coffee shops, where mainly you’ll find a bunch of options everywhere, from all US or UK to the rest or the world; from the traditional lunch spot to internationally recognized brands, they all are part of an economic activity in which the citizens’ consumption need is aimed to be satisfied.

The great amount of brands and companies within the food and beverage industry makes competition between ’em much more aggressive; cause today is not just “providing a good service and a great taste” – every one of this brands is bound to provide a unique experience in each user directly (and so soon) from digital media.

“Consumption” starts today from the mobile screen

So, yep… the “consumption” concept has really changed. Anything can start from a Facebook search that’ll eventually drive the user to an specific brand or company; from there on, it’s bound to engage with it so much so that’ll eventually an app download can be done.

However, achieving such feat requires a lot of effort; if this is your case, you’ll need to give your users lots of reasons so they can share storage for your order-online app.

So, if you’re thinking on developing an app for this reasons, you must know that you’ve to develop a wholesome strategy around it, and that this overwhelming effort must focus on these next points:

  • You must provide personalization within the app experience for each user, assuring that your rivals can’t do this (knowing users’ data will help you on generating much more segmented communications).
  • You must deliver ads and promotions that can be only obtainable through the app (in other words, you’ve to turn your app into an advertising channel).
  • You must generate a much more agile sense of service (this can be achieved through processes and marketing automation).

So yes, maybe you already know it… overall, this industry is full of challenges, but it’s always possible to innovate through new technological and marketing perspectives that can provide a unique experience to each user.

By the way, that’s what we achieved with Pans & Company; although the next video’s audio is in Spanish, you can catch some points of what we’ve done for this Spain based company:

So, what are you doing today for innovation purposes within your coffee shop, restaurant or food company? If you need help, just contact us.

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