Yes, you want your app downloaded and users engaged with it, isn’t it? Then again, you’ve packed it with the best automation marketing (EMMA, of course) and it’s all ready to go and rock the world; but, bummers… new user subscriptions are not happening.

Being online doesn’t means you’re delivering

One hard truth among all brands is that the mere existence of a platform doesn’t guarantees that people will automatically arrive and use it; engagement and constant promotion is needed, and that successful road has one name: content marketing.

Here, the rule is simple: how are you aiming to have a big audience when people don’t even know that you exist? Content marketing has proven itself to be the correct methodology for attracting new subscriptions that eventually deliver into more downloads for your app.

The principles of content marketing

Guided by the inbound principles, content marketing will help you to reach new audiences mainly through search engines (Google) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and more); here, you take the chance to connect and engage with new users when they are actively searching for brands and solutions to solve their particular needs.

Either by posting on social media or creating rich content (white papers, eBooks and videos), users may find your brand amusing and gotcha, it’s now the opportunity to guide them to your brand’s app.

Parallel way, investing in ads (social or SEM) while delivering good content to your followers or subscribers may help on reducing the funnel process, since they are already ‘engaged’ with you; just be aware that advertising investment is needed in this point.

Content marketing will improve your app store ranking

You really know that competing in Google’s and Apple’s app stores is quite complicated. For example, if you are collocated within the “Productivity” apps, your main competitors have some tough names such as Hubspot or Google, and advertising within the app stores may require a very big budget.

In contrast, if the user takes the step from social or search engines, your cost per click or action (or effort) may be much lower than having to pay to Google and Apple.

So… yes, content marketing may be just what you’re really needing to accomplish your automation and app goals. Start by developing a content framework for your brand that matches your main audience’s needs and be constant, you’ll soon start to perform better!

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