Every once in a while, we like to take a look to what the mobile market has to offer, and we’ve discovered a pretty good app creator for small businesses: Bobile.

What do mobile apps stand for today?

We’ve long gone through the app developing frenzy; businesses (big and small ones) now understand that mobile applications are part of a media strategy and not always a goal itself.

Some companies have found within mobile apps the road to generate revenue, while others just seek brand enhancement and information distribution.

However, if your main goal is to differentiate your business and generate more revenues with a customized mobile app, then we think that Bobile’s a pretty good option.

Bobile, a nice tool packed with some cool features for small businesses

This platform has packed itself with diverse and intuitive features such as mobile shop, bookings, or loyalty cards; all of these functions may get you eventually to develop mobile app that can increase retention, contribute more sales and improve your customers’ experience.

What’s interesting about Bobile is that you can create apps based on your business type with unique information conducted by different sources. For example, you can choose to grab information from your Facebook business page or website, and Bobile will turn it automatically to a native mobile app content.

Another thing that’s worth to mention is that Bobile is pretty good oriented to eCommerce features. The platform itself has integrated online payment options as well as different templates for product listing, which may suit the needs for those who seek direct conversions from their mobile apps.

So, how about you give it a try? At EMMA we gave it a shot and we were pretty surprised, but you know… everything’s better when shared with others!



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