Since ancient times in which we all were taught MS-DOS in the computer classrooms, the sequence rules already existed and that’s what has given shape to what we know today as the automation rules in marketing, which sometime are called “If Then Rules”.

What are If Then Rules?

This is basically the generation of a sequence, based in actions and decisions (here applies the “if <condition> is true, then do <action>” logic); roughly, this is how automation marketing works, always based in the user’s actions.

However, automation not always works synched with personalization (as in the messaging services within apps), just because there are a lot of systems and platforms out there that lack options that are much more than bots coldly replying the user. That’s not the case with EMMA (be aware, the next content audio is in Spanish):

EMMA is one of the few tools that executes If Then Rules perfectly, because segmentation possibilities and user conditioning are strong enough for actions to be executed and automated, without virtually destroying user’s experience.

The particularity of If Then Rules or automation rules within eMMA

As you can see, with EMMA you can create If Then Rules based on what your users really do… that allows you to create communications that feel much more real and organic.

Other cool things about If Then Rules function in EMMA are these ones, and you must know ’em:

  • Program any event, standard or personalized.
  • You’ve got automated marketing push for geofencing purposes.
  • Configure your own conditions so rules can be executed: from the number of the proper executions to the period in which the event was executed.
  • You’ve got the possibility to actualize the user’s information in an automated fashion, through labels.
  • Send automated push notifications.
  • You can send automated In-App campaigns when the user realizes any action, in and out of your app.
  • You’ve got the option to create automation rules based on your CRM or BI data.
  • Show different In-App messages after the automated event execution.


What’s more interesting is that everything is done from a same web dashboard, without the neccesity of programming a single code line. That way, everything is simple, quickly and friendly.

Your opinions? We really encourage you to take a look at EMMA and tell us what was your experience. Have a nice day!

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