Some years ago, measuring app performance was quite a deal – nowadays, it’s still quite tricky (we won’t lie to you, you know), but EMMA has done its job quite well!

Trouble measuring app performance? Get to know EMMA:

Recently, Antonio Sánchez (you surely know this tío) was interviewed by Joan Boluda’s (from talk show, which you can reproduce just below:

Years ago, businesses wanted users to download their apps; today they want to know who does it and for what reason. That’s where EMMA gets to shine, because we have learned to take profit from a key factor: smartphones hold so much information that it’s possible for our platform to know so many things about the the user before he or she even downloads the app.

So we may just keep bragging about ourselves, but we really insist: just push play on the video and you’ll discover EMMA’s main features (as explained by Antonio) as well as the essence and feeling of our beloved company: its colleagues and partners.

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