Ok guys, settle down. We just don’t wanna brag, but it’s safe to say that our little big EMMA has long gone through a hard road in order to be what it’s today: an all around solution for anyone who aims to improve user experience and get more sales through the mobile way.

One of the best marketing automation softwares? Really?

You see, the “best marketing automation softwares (or software)” attribution that can be understood in so many different perspectives.

Regarding usability and diversity of functions, we’ve long lasted to provide key solutions for so many different brands, being some of ’em key players in their own industries in Spain (and some worldwide), such as PrivaliaDanone, Coca-Cola or Orange.

But even then, having a cool customer portfolio is not what makes us feel like world champions. It’s the innovation drive within our products, guided by our peeps at EMMA, what really takes us to a different level.

This is where we want to go a little bit deeper within market logics, regarding the concept of “innovation”. Within our story, we’ve risen through some volatile and uncertain environments and economic conditions (ask any Spain peep who undertook a startup challenge through 2009 to 2013 and you’ll know why!).

Doing this, we assured creative confidence towards EMMA, developing a set of mind in which we really wanted to prove ourselves with the motto of being one of the best marketing automation softwares out there – that leaded us to use the innovation drive as a strategic and technological lever for developing an innovation culture and optimized business management processes.

So, what are the new features in EMMA?

Back in 2012, we believed in the future named “automation” – and that future is now part of our reality. So, you may take in consideration what we’ve carefully built along this years and just may be the right solution for your company.

Just in the past few months, we’ve integrated many new features in EMMA. Our colleague, Silvia Justo, held a webinar in which 2 of its main new functions are shown in a very detailed fashion (just be warned, the audio is in Spanish):

That being said, you may now have enough reasons to integrate EMMA as one of your key tools. And you know why: automating your mobile marketing processes is a must today.

We would be glad for you to reply to this post and give us your comments. Thanks a bunch for reading!

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