Yes my friends, it is important to note the outstanding growth of email marketing automation among marketing professionals, all over the world.

An old but trustworthy pal

You see, email marketing’s been with us for a long time. It’s no joke when we say that we’ve been receiving and sending email marketing campaigns for almost 2 decades until now.

In that sort of scenario, email marketing evolved from being a total and disordered marketing practice to a very sophisticated one, and that’s all thanks to (mainly) 2 reasons.

One, is the presence of mobiles in our every day dose, which helped email to resurrect from the ashes in which social media had its boom (we’re talking about the 2000’s); but any more important than that is the existence of automation technologies.

Email marketing automation, key to conversions

So, yep. Automation (as a process itself, later a technology input) transformed email marketing; today, you can perform email marketing campaigns in which the newsletter delivery can be done while taking into account the subscriber’s location, weather or shopping preferences.

Not only that, but also transactional newsletters can be pumped up by automation, giving users more than one reason to visit and even buy on your site (if you have an eCommerce platform, that’s it).

The thing is, that 58% of all top performing companies use marketing automation software to aid their marketing efforts. Also, you’ll be impressed to know that 1 dollar invested in email marketing returns 38 (a holy 3800% ROI!).

That’s when you execute a well optimized newsletter, of course – and for that, you need automation email marketing.

So, how can automation email marketing help to drive better performance?

There are some guidelines you can catch up for having a good darn performance with an automated email marketing campaign. You have to look out, principally, in these guidelines:

  • Let automation help you to drive personalization. From the subject to the main headlines, when users receive an email that seems to be “just for them”, openings and clicks within are more likely to happen.
  • Automation can help you to identify the best day and hours for newsletter delivery. You know, tech-timing is a very cool thing you can rely on, today.
  • Also, automation can help you to drive better results when combined with social media and web behaviors. Automated newsletters with these type of social data can be triggered in a blink.

For your convenience, there’s a neat and very well designed infographic by Every Cloud. Please yourself:

The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide, by EveryCloud

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