So, we’re in the middle of 2016. Many companies, platforms and organizations start to promote their own findings regarding the mobile industry (maybe we should do that?…).

Social media apps everywhere, Woody!

Anyway, SurveyMonkey Intelligence revealed some cool facts about the most downloaded and most used apps in USA’s iOS and Android app stores as of the first half of year 2016.

Big surprise (maybe don’t): social media apps are in the top of the top, even over mobile games. And yes, in the social media apps group we find Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube, among others. After the social media apps, music apps like Spotify or Pandora hold high, with the special mention of new apps in this industry like

The study makes an exception about Pokémon Go, because even if it has gargantuan amounts of downloads for its short period of life (that easily outrank social media apps) it wasn’t released until July 6 in United States (no prize for you, Pikachu).

The full charts for most downloaded and most used mobile apps in USA

In the social media apps reign, the five most downloaded list has Messenger, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Color Switch (umm… hello!).

Whereas the five most used are Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Google Maps and Play Store (Ah! We see what you did, Google!). It’s pretty safe to say that Apple or Google have the upper hand in here. 40% of the most used apps come pre-loaded in the mobiles’ operating systems.

So, anyway. Here are the full charts:

List of most downloaded mobile apps in USA. Social media apps perform high! Image Credit: Survey Monkey

And this one…

List of most used mobile apps in USA. Image Credit: Survey Monkey

Wait a second, how come WhatsApp and Messenger are considered “social media”?

Well, yes. As it may seem confusing, we want to make a little appointment in here. WhatsApp and Messenger are, in essence, instant messaging apps.

However, their improvement in functionality, sharing and people-networking capacities made that both of them could be considered in the social media category. And that’s just excluding the fact that both are property of Facebook, so it’s just natural that their ‘social drive’ may get them ranking in the social category.

So what do you think of these lists? Which apps are already on your smartphone and which don’t? Share, comment and subscribe!

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