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Better than ever!

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New features

As the song says… “Can you feel it in your fingers? Can you feel it in your toes?…” Yep, many brand new features, take a look!
Taste it. Enjoy it.

Create the perfect dashboard to impress your boss with Custom Dashboards

Create the perfect dashboard to impress your boss with Custom Dashboards

You are bored of looking the same dashboards every day. We also!
Now you can create your own dashboards, with only what you really need: Funnels, KPIs, Segments and Events. Create as many dashboards as you need, unlimited.

You have been a good boy and want to impress your boss? No problem, set your Custom Dashboard as a public dashboard and it will be available for your colleagues.
Don’t worry about privacy, is public just for your work buddies in the same EMMA account, not for everyone in this planet!

Native Ads. Your ads, pretty

You need to reach to your customers, users or whatever. But they need you to do it beauty & gently, not just throwing a banner in your user’s face.

A way that integrates deeply with your App content. A way that match exactly your needs.
This way has a name: Native Ads.

Yep, they are here to stay. Create custom templates in your App. Then, create Native Ads based in those templates 100% adapted to your App voilá! Impact your user in a respectful manner. Respect!

Native Ads. Your ads, pretty
Full control for your engagement with the new Communication Report

Full control for your engagement with the new Communication Report

Yes, we know… Make things like Native Ads are fun, but analyze and read tons of data is not so funny. Is a tedious and hard work but essential. That’s why we thought how we can help you to do this job great in a dynamic and we called it Communication Report.

The new Communication Report has been 100% redesigned to control everything about your communication campaigns. All the data that your communications generate is available for free and for everyone right now. Discover in just a look how converts your communications, what message work better. What Push was opened and which one passed without grief or glory. You have it all, from a high view of your communications with direct graphs and funnels or you can go deeply, and deeply to compare. iOS, Android? Native Ads or Banners, both, all formats? All campaigns from last month or just that one that I made with all my love? Anything you create, ready to be analyzed!

More options for your Funnels and Rules


Rules are really great for your automation marketing. And now, you need to move to the next level. We heard you and here we are. Introducing Rules 2.0. Now you can send automatic Push with deeplink. And for pro users we have increase priority from 3 to 9, so you can impact more and better to your users in the same screen.


Our old good friend also received some love. Now you can add your communication campaign as the first level of your funnel to know the performance of your communications. Clicks or impressions, it doesn’t matter. You will have both of them!

More options for your Funnels and Rules
Segment your users automatically with the new Explore

Segment your users automatically with the new Explore

Always keeping in mind automation we added the possibility to link CSV hosted in FTP. EMMA will go to read the CSV whenever he needs it, making possible that you only have to worry about generate your CSV. Of course, you still have the possibility of upload CSV to EMMA like always. One more thing… High Segmentation!

Now you will be able to build the most powerful segmentation ever, AND / OR filters will be added, making possible complex segmentations to target exactly the people you want!

Improve your In-App Messages

Impact limit

Conformity is not in our genes. That’s why we need to improve our tools in EMMA on every release. And this one is because of you; you said, ‘hey, it would be nice if we could limit our communications like we do with push notifications”. We took the glove, and bring you the “Impact limits”. Now you can limit how many times you want to show a message to your users as not to overwhelm they. It’s as simple as that.

AdBall Position

We know that you love custom your Apps and it could be a pain in the ass trying to use a format that doesn’t fit exactly in your design. Now in AdBalls, you can define the position. Top-right, bottom-left… no worry, you have 6 positions to go with the one you want!

Improve your In-App Messages
Wait a minute, there’s still more!

Wait a minute, there’s still more!

Amplitude integration

We have a brand new panel where you could manage all the integrations available. We began with Amplitude, so now you can send all the data collected by EMMA to Amplitude with 2 clicks (literally)

Push image boost: It’s important to squeeze to the last drop, we did it with Push notifications images. We optimized them to get the fastest delivery posible.

Supervision roles: The needs of a large company are multiple and different. A lot of roles and different kinds of responsibilities make diverse ways of working. We try to adapt EMMA to you, so now are available a new way of make, track, approve and validate your communications. Get in touch with us for more info.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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